My Aunt raped me at 13


I was surrounded…they were laughing, and i was scared, mainly because my aunty would like to tickle me, and this is what i assumed i was about to get, but now it could be at the hands of all of them, and that would be terrible.

“You dirty little man!”
Said my aunty, holding my ear.
“so…he wanted to see my nurses naked did he!”
“i’m sorry!”
I said, sheepishly.
“i bet you are!…well, what do you think we ought to do with him!”
She said.
“well…if he was any older….i would want to have a look at him….naked too!”
Said another.
“oh…dont let that stop you…he knew what he was doing, so go ladies, you have my permission to teach him a lesson…anyway you want!”

For a few seconds it was total mayhem, as they all giggled, trying to grab me, but i managed to wiggle free, and ran like hell out of the door.

I was running for my life, all over the hospice with all of them, aunty was also chasing me.

I was young, fit, but with all that none stop running, especially up and down the many flights of stairs, i was tiring very quickly…i didn’t want to be caught, for fear of being tickled to death, but in the end, so i found out later, it wasn’t just childish tickling they only had in mind for me.

Eventually i got up to the top floor, it was an old unused ward. It hadn’t been used for its main purpose in ages.
My heart was racing.

“they’d never find me all the way up here!”
I breathlessly thought, as i hid inside one of the rooms. I could hear all the giggling and existent still going on down below, as they practically tore the place apart searching for me. I was in there for quite a while…then suddenly after a while, everything went eerily quiet. finally i thought i had out foxed them, and they had given up.
Slowly i crept out onto the landing…i was all alone..the idea was to make it back to my room, without getting caught, then lock my door…but within a few steps
“charge!” My aunty shouted,

Suddenly all hell had broken loose, i turned and tried to run, but ran the wrong way back into the single room, there was no other way out … all of them ran in after me, “get him!”
“yeah…he wanted to see us….now lets see what he’s got!”

They cornered me, then grabbed me all over, together they picked me up, throwing onto this old single bed.

“He’s all ours ladies…nothing is going to save him now!” Said aunty.

Her and her staff were in joyfull hysterics of this sudden madness.

“Lets find out, what makes him tick!”

Hands and fingers were all pawing at my clothing.
“no, no..please dont!”
I shouted, trying to make myself heard, amongst all of the devilish laughter.

Before i knew it, my shirt was off, and my trousers were being pulled down my legs, i pulled away momentarily, trying to reach down and cover my groin.

I was screaming like a little girl…i tried to struggle, but there were too many to fight off.

My aunty got the ball rolling in her attempt to deflower me, taking me to a level, that i had never known, or had ever been before.

“oh…what a big boy, you are becoming lad!”.

With that whilst her staff caressed me all over, she wrapped her chubby hand around my straining boner, and began doing something, that i had never heard of before!!.
It was wierd and such a beautiful feeling. It was beyond words.

I almost cried when i shot my cum in front of them…i thought i was ill. All that sticky silver stuff didn’t look right shooting out of something i had only ever pee’d with.

They all cheered and clapped, aunty wiped the gooey mess all over my face.

“who’s next!”

She shouted.

There was no shortages of able volunteers, they all had a go. I will never forget that day.