6 Ways to Save Your Life — and Your Company



In fact, you can’t smoke cigarettes fast enough to match the damage that today’s workplace is doing to you. And not just you, but everyone from the newest hire to your CEO. Your company is unknowingly dragging the life from all of you.

My co-creator for this article is Chloe Sosenko, a rising senior with a 3.5 GPA on a dual focus in psychology and entrepreneurship. She’s a walk-on defensive starter and captain of the University of Michigan women’s soccer team, which made it to the Elite 8 in last year’s Division I National Championships. Her head coach describes her as “very intelligent, disciplined, committed to success.”

You want to hire someone like Chloe.

But a year from now, when she’s ready to throw her enthusiastic efforts into business, unless you’re committed to change, she’s not going to accept your offer. Neither will many of her teammates. Actually, most of her generation will be leaving your company in its present form over the next decade. Why’

Because they know that if they work in your environment, within 10 years, they’ll be overweight, pre-diabetic, worn down by repetitive tasks, with burned-out adrenals. They’ll function at declining rates, finding it troublingly difficult to break the habits they’ve formed in your office.

That may seem exaggerated, but it’s the state of work around the world. We can all do far better than this. And your motivation to try can be purely economic: a healthier workplace makes for higher sustained performance and lower medical costs.