A Must Read for every married woman: Be Careful Who You Welcome Into Your Home


The security man opened the gate and I drove in.From afar I saw Adenike a.k.a Alhaja and her driver hurling and throwing boxes on the lawn…chai, I said to myself,”why did I choose today of all days to pop in”…She walked briskly towards me as I parked…Before she got to my side she was screaming,”Deecherry, chai, omo teen yi ti fi iya jemi ni under my roof”(Deecherry, this teenager has dealt with me under my roof).Adenike was enraged..

Adenike is married to Uncle Bayo.Uncle Bayo,is an “ideal” husband, so caring and loving but HMMMM women are not safe around him…and the “bad news” is that he takes good care of them…lols…Now that’s disastrous because they lick him like sugar.Women fight each other because of Adenike”s husband.Uncle Bayo”s niece Toke is an undergraduate in a private university and her parents are abroad.Any time school is not in session she stays in their house.She has a very good friend, Tina.Tina at times spend nights with her friend Toke in her Uncle B and Adenike’s house.That morning, the driver took Toke and Tina to Palms to purchase few things.Unfortunately, Tina forgot her phone in the living room.The phone rang persistently so Adenike decided to pick it and tell the caller that she forgot her phone at home.It was one Sandra calling.She picked and before she could utter good morning she heard a male”s voice, familiar one.The male caller said,”My sweet baby,I have credited your account with 450k.Book a flight and meet me at Port Harcourt.Don’t tell Toke, ok’Is Alhaja at home’”…Adenike hung up…Sandra na Uncle Bayo!She sat down and “dissected” all the messages from “Sandra” on Tina”s phone…Chai! O Terrible!O bahd!..

I followed her inside and saw Tina curled like crayfish at a corner in the dining room.I trust my friend “Adenike Alhaja kofoshi”.She don give her maximum shishi…Toke was livid with anger, crying and shouting at her!,”home breaker, get the hell out…if I set my eyes on you again, I’m gonna kill you”…I kukuma contribute.The one wey I talk be say make the driver take am go bank make she go withdraw the 450k give my friend…Lol..Omokomo, o ti fi bredi ko Adenike oremi ni omi obe…

Be careful of those you welcome into your home…

Written by Dewumi Adediran