Won’t #RiversRerun End In #RiversOfBlood’


Politics is a dirty game and politics in this end of the world (Nigeria) has been a good proof of that. From different kinds of dirty propaganda to defamation of all sorts. It’s saddening what our politicians would do to get a government seat.

Elections are being rerun in states and Rivers state is witnessing one they won’t be forgetting in years from now. Because of the killings, riots and violence that has been attached to it. How can a mother/father/family forget their sons that was killed during this election’

Elections are meant to be opportunity given to the people to choose their representatives but that is not the case with #RiversRerun . It is the case of a fight between two political fathers, Rotimi Amaechi vs Nyesom Wike who would rather have the state destroyed than have anyone apart from them assume power.

An adage says ‘where two elephants fight, the grass will be the one to suffer as it won’t grow ever again.’ Sadly enough, this adage happens to be true.

Few hours into the start of the election, pictures of all sorts has started going about on social media about the violence in Rivers state. These violences however aren’t between the family of Amaechi and Wike neither between their close relatives but between the gullible youths of the state who would do anything for a few thousands of naira. Who would do anything for the political fathers. Sad case.

When will the youths start seeing themselves as the leaders of tomorrow instead of the machinery for political violence’ When will youth start using their head’ When will youths start to realize that politicians don’t use their own children to instigate violence for a reason’ When will youths start putting their energy to good use instead of using it for bloodshed’

When will we all understand fully that no life is worth a politician mandate’ When will we see that #RiversRerun is a proxy battle between Amaechi & Wike’ Why isn’t anyone paying attention’

All we should be preaching is ‘Vote Not Fight. Election Not War.’