Veba Textile Mills presents The Cosmos Collection!!!


Veba Textile Mills, a leading producer of jacquard woven cotton fabrics, brocades, voiles and prints, has recently launched a new collection into the Nigerian market. Here’s what they told us;

The collection which is themed Cosmos was inspired by the Universe. Just as the universe transmits cosmic power and constant motion, the new collection has radiant colours in provocative combinations and dashing designs with a touch of exoticism and extravagance. The Cosmos collection is from the Micro range which is beauty veiled in mystery. This is because the fabrics have tiny rounded and squared designs hidden in giant bold shapes.

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Cosmos will be on showcase at the 2016 African Fashion Week Nigeria from the 1st of July to the 3rd of July 2016 when Ayaba, a Nigerian women’s wear designer, takes the runway with fabulous designs created with the collection at the 7pm show.
For more information about Veba Textile Mills:
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Photography: Lucie Robinson