Miss Quintessential Nigeria (MQN) is the Nigerian edition of a continental beauty pageant hosted by Big Brother Africa star Dillish Mathews, who is also the brand ambassador. The pageant stands for the advancing of sustainable developmental advocacy, policies and programs that promotes the growth of model1 diverse communities in Nigeria as to assist to eradicate current problems.

Dillish Mahews, who is Namibian by birth, has made herself an exemplary beauty queen who has used her entrepreneurial and humanitarian spirit to advocate for various causes across the African continent, whilst acting, modeling, and running her own business. The aim of the Miss Quintessential Nigeria beauty pageant is to discover and develop young African women like Dillish, and help them find their voice, and their roles in developing Africa.

MQN beauty pageant is open for young, unmarried ladies between the ages of 17-25 who will be contesting for the title of ’’Miss Quintessential Nigeria”. The pageant provides a forum for today’s young women to express their viewpoints, talents and accomplishments during the ensuing year and it provides young women with a vehicle to further their personal and professional goals.

Current partners for the pageant include HIPtv, The Sun Newspapers, Poise Nigeria and ONTV. These sponsors will also join MQN in running a campaign against child abuse/violence. It will tackle this problem through talk shows, seminars and road walk. As we know the girl child faces a lot of physical abuse in our society today. MQN is a forum that will create a solution for these problems using beauty queens.

One of the main features of MQN beauty pageant is to redefine the status of a beautiful woman thereby to empower them to fulfill the goals and objectives. Empowering women fuels thriving economics, spurring productivity and growth.

Interested Applicants can enter the contest HERE: http://www.mqnigeria.com/mqn-application
For sponsorship and partnership corporate bodies or individuals download the MQN Brochure HERE:http://www.mqnigeria.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MQN-PROPOSAL.pdf