Questions Girls Want to Ask on the First Date (but really shouldn’t say)

  • How much do you bench’
  • What car do you drive’
  • How many girl profiles did you swipe before you decided to meet with me’
  • The place you sleep in. Is that your own house/apartment/condo’ Or do you need to pay rent’
  • How many of my Facebook pictures did you look through’
  • Do you have STDs’
  • How do you feel about kids’
  • What area code do you live in’
  • How much is your monthly salary’
  • How much money is “enough” for you’
  • What do you define as “cheating”’
  • What do you want from me’ A one night stand, friends with benefits, a long-lasting relationship’ Or just a companion to talk to’
  • Are you a virgin’
  • What do you think about feminists’
  • Do you still hang out with your exes’
  • How many girls have you had sex with’
  • Was your ex a crazy b**** or were you an asshole’
  • How many girlfriends have you had in your entire life’ How long did each relationship last’
  • Do you think girls and guys can be friends’
  • How long is your d***’
  • Do you actually find me funny or do you just want to get in my pants’