Miss Chinatown 2016 Shirley Vy does ‘duck walk’ on ShowbizLIVE


Like other beauty queens, this year’s Miss Chinatown, 24-year-old Shirley Vy, has her own version of stage walk, which she calls “duck walk.”

“Straight body, hands on your waist, just bend and walk para masanay yung body mo while wearing heels,” the beauty queen said as she demonstrated the duck walk when she guested on ShowbizLIVE, Inquirer’s first entertainment talk show, last Oct. 12.

Despite being hailed as Miss Chinatown 2016, the Tacloban native says it was never her dream to be a beauty queen. However, she has always had a penchant for showcasing her talents like singing and dancing and has always been active in the extra-curricular activities in school.

“I don’t see myself as sumasali sa beauty pageants but I always see myself performing,” she said.

Nonetheless, what started her journey to the pageant was her best friend, who kept on convincing her to join the pageant. Convincing took over a year.

“It all started with my best friend, siya yung nag-encourage sa ‘kin to join Miss Chinatown for experience. Siya yung nagsabi sa ‘kin na definitely you will learn a lot of things, it’s a good exposure for you, kaya sabi ko, o sige sige, I will,” she said.

She is set to compete in the Miss Chinese International pageant in Malaysia in this January. She said she would try her best to win the title and has embarked on a serious preparation to help her bring home the crown.

“Nag-gigym ako, I also enrolled at a Confucius school para ma-enhance yung Chinese language ko. For now I will be undergoing training under Kagandahang Flores for walking. Kailangan lang naman yang duck walk while you’re wearing heels,” she said.

She attributes her smooth and flawless skin to a simple regimen. “Sa skincare, it is very very important na before you sleep you should always remove your makeup, wash your face and put on some moisturizer,” she said.

“And drink plenty of water,” she added.

The petite beauty queen sets it straight that she is happily single. “Wala ‘kong boyfriend but I’m seeing someone. But I’m very happy,” she said.

She also said that she doesn’t believe in pre-arranged marriage. “Gusto ko kung sino ang tinitibok ng aking puso,” she said.

Miss Chinatown 2016 is also a gifted singer. She has done covers of the classic Chinese song “Peng You” on YouTube,which has garnered over 100,000 views.

She now has her own album entitled “Sweet Bossa,” which contains 16 easy-listening bossa nova favorites. Her album is officially available in record and online stores.

Source : http://entertainment.inquirer.net