Are you loving the new unisex shirt collection from Yomi Casual?


Yomi Casual unveils his first ever line of unisex shirt dress collection and they are getting rave reactions already but are they worth the hype?

Yomi Casual Unisex Shirt Dress CollectionYomi Casual Unisex Shirt Dress Collection

The once upon a time menswear designer has since embraced making pieces for ladies and men alike and in the new collection he simply brings to fore why the shirt dress is a style essential for the lady and the modern guy.

The shirt dress has fast gained a reputation for being a wardrobe staple and it doesn’t disappoint as styling it is almost easy if you have a good eye for details.

The offerings in the collection he unveiled few days ago were in form of linen shirt dresses (with the curved tail that makes a great shirt obviously) he employs crew neck detail on some of the designs in a fascinating way, most were done in long sleeves featuring stud details, with some featuring collars and some without collar (crew neck).


Yomi Casual Unisex Shirt Dress Collection

Most of the shirts if not all come with button down designs to give a feeling of wearing a crisp shirt, some feature colour patch work, graphics, ombre, stripes, with designs for the ladies featuring flap details. (I love Yomi Casual‘s pieces for his refined simplicity, his fresh straight to the point creations. You’re never under dressed in his designs).

The designs are not out of the world but they come functional, versatile, modern and definitely stylish (a great addition to any guy or ladies’ wardrobe). Yomi Casual is creative no doubt but instead of going over the top and ‘excitedly ruining’ the essence of a shirt dress, he injects fine details that made the pieces desirable (they can be worn without ironing!).


I honestly love the pieces maybe not a big fan of the pink and carton-ish colours (I’m sure those might be some people’s preferences but the lighter the wash the better for me) but they come in worth the rave.

Yomi Casual Unisex Shirt Dress Collection

Our fashion brand is trying to break out of the traditional outfit frame of mind by producing uniquely sewed shirts which intends to lend an effortlessly streamlined appearance to your formal or informal look. You can team these shirts with formal pants, slacks, denim, skirt for ladies, ripped jeans and all sorts of accessories” creative designer Yomi Makun shares about the collection.

Are they worth the hype? Yes, I’d pick all the crew necks and the striped ones in a heartbeat, the breathable fabrics; linen, silk and velvet used come as a plus! Hopefully you won’t have to break the bank but the line sure looks good.


Photography: @ayoalasi

Makeup by: @eseosebrownie

Designer: @yomicasual

Location: Civic Centre, Lagos