5 reasons snacking is good for you!

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We love a snack we do! Here’s how to make sure your munching is on the right track…

Morning munchies, afternoon cravings, post-dinner nibbles… * sigh *. Jess Dyer, Head of Nutrition at Graze reveals everything about this much loved habit…

5 reasons snacking is GOOD!


Snacking on the right foods can give our body that extra bout of energy we need, to feel and perform at our best.



Y’no, the horrid emotion between hungry and angry? Jess says: ‘For many of us, this results in not too wise food choices which we later regret. Have snacks on hand to feed the hunger before it turns into hanger!


Adding nutrient dense snacks to our day allows our body to function at its best.


If you know you’ll be eating regularly throughout the day, you teach yourself to be satisfied with less every time you eat, since you know you’ll be eating again in a few hours. No food scarcity equals a peaceful mind.

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The Good Snack Guide


Jess recommends something plant protein-based and high in minerals to keep our brain focused. Try walnuts, pumpkin seeds and chopped walnuts.


Jess explains: ‘Many people come 3pm turn into a TOTAL sugar monster!’ Why not opt for fibre-filled popcorn and sprinkle with cinnamon to curb sweet cravings

After Dinner

‘Dips in blood glucose levels during the night can be a reason for waking up so enjoy a light snack of fibre, slow release carbs and protein pre bedtime,’ says Jess.

Try oatmeal with sliced banana and almond milk or a boiled egg on rye toast


HOW much?

Typically a palm size or deck of card sized portion of food is about right for a snack.

Help! I can’t stop mindless munching…

  1. Have a shower, change your clothes and chill; this will change your state.
  2. Go for a run up and down some flights of stairs and re-oxygenate the body.
  3. Listen to music that makes you happy.
  4. Practice some deep breathing.
  5. Make a bucket list; what do you really want?

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