Kiddies fashion runway show

There is a fine line between helping your child make career choices and doing it for them. This is what The Adaorables is all about.


It’s a changing world

The simple reality is, the world is a very different place today to the one that Parent’s of today would have faced when making study, training and career-related decisions. New roles are being created all the time, and it seems many jobs open to young people today didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

The Adaraobles, a new revolution with the sole purpose of Helping kids Find Their Career Dreams in partnership with Top Brand like Zenith Bank and others are showcasing a show termed “channeling our efforts into the custodians of our heritage’’

  • ACFR will help children understand early in life the need to channel their energy into positivity and build confidence that will radiate beyond their social and academic lives.
  • It will give children an opportunity to earn an income and also teach them to think and act like professionals, socially and academically. ACFR will also help children how to explore their various individual passions and flares and also give them a sense of responsibility and most importantly make the kids know they are a strong force to reckon with.
  • ACFR is targeted at parents and adults in general, to encourage everyone to invest time in children, to support their talents, flairs and passion from an earlyage.To also help them prepare towards the challenges of a successful career.
  • To also give brands an opportunity to support children in their will to be reckoned with and placed as priority in the society. To showcase their goods and services for children as well as announce their support and interest towards the fight against child labour and abuse, being the two most prevailing issues in sub-Saharan Africa and the world at large.

Nigerian kid fashion designers will showcase their designs on our selected and trained models, making sure that all outfits are conformed to our modesty and child right laws.

The retailers segment is included to also give retailers who deal in children’s clothing an opportunity to exhibit and showcase their market values. In this segment, the retailerswill kit the models in foreign and various clothes while the retailerscontact and stores will be profiled and given credit for dressing the models in that look.

Be there and experience a new reality

For more information, please visit or contact 0808238778.

THEADAORAble Charmers Fashion Runway Show(#ACFR2018)26th of May 2018, at the Balmoral Hall – Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island. Simply place a call for an invite. Strictly by invitation.

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Adaora Olivia Ifezue holds a degree in History/International Relations and a diploma in Theater Arts, both from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile‐Ife. Her love for children has birthed the ideas behind the event. Adaora Olivia, has been in the entertainment industry and is known for her roles as an actress in several TV series more conspicuously for her role as Adesuwa in the TV series Husbands of Lagos. She’s also an artist manager to most up coming artists and top celebrated artists. She plays a vital role in the industry for her services as a sponsorship drive marketer. Presently she works with Steve Onu of Wazobia Fm popularly known as “Yaw”